"Hand and Foot" Photography by Unit Choy, Wall Art Print

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"Hand and Foot" Photography by Unit Choy, Wall Art Print

"Hand and Foot" Photography by Unit Choy, Wall Art Print

產品資料 Product description
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產品資料 Product description
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製作時間:一至兩周 | Production time: around 1-2 weeks

背景故事 Background Story:

攝影師Unit Choy在2019年香港反修例運動中拍下這21張震攝人心的照片,真香港人對這幾幕必定歷歷在目。我們與澳洲本地有經驗的工藝品印制公司合作,製作這些限量作品。
Photographer Unit Choy has captured this 21 stunningly unforgettable scenes of the 2019 anti-extradition protest in Hong Kong through his lens. Partnered with a local Aussie professional artwork printing company, we are pre-selling these finely printed, premium wall arts. All products and manufacturing made/done in Australia.


“Hand and Foot (手足), the figurative synonym of brothers, also refers to fellow Hong Kong protestors. The photo shows the “hand and foot” who is still attending high school.”

藝術品印刷材質 Material/end product :

1) 第一種 Type 1: 高級壁畫紙質 Premium Wall Art Poster 250gram
不反光、 極致啞色 表面,利用工藝級數的Epson專業影印機及墨水少量製作, 令完成品解像度極高。
Ultra matte finish, using industry benchmark Epson printer and Epson UltraChrome archival inks, immaculate image reproduction quality.

2) 第二種 Type 2: 高級相片紙質 Photo Paper 310gsm
不反光、 質感光滑的高級珍珠紙,配以高動態範圍(HDR) 的表面圖層,令圖片更加細緻清晰、更銳利、顏色準確度更高。 墨水不但是高密度打印, 額外的樹脂膠塗層更加令完成品更「聚手」, 配合本身的珍珠紙, 更有防反光、放手指模的效果。 最重要的是,製成品像真度更高、 更貼近真正畫質。

Smooth Pearl paper with HDR optically clear coating. Producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut. The high-density, resin coated heavyweight base and smooth pearl finish not only eliminate glare and finger prints but, with its natural photographic white tint, produces the true look and feel of a photograph.

相容畫框 Compatible Frames :

市面上絕大部份的畫框均與我們的作品相容。 由於大部份製造商的「印刷連畫框」選項費用高昂, 我們建議自行購買畫框,更容易遷就不同人的心水! 購買相容畫框非常方便,可以瀏覽一下 Kmart / Officework / Target / Myer 等。

Our prints fit with the majority of frames you can get from shops locally, such as Kmart, Myer, Officework, Target, etc. Since the high cost of print+frame options, we would love customers to select their own frames after purchasing the product, which suits everyone's budget, style, and requirements.

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